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Run Cirrato MMC from another computer

Run Cirrato MMC from another computer

To setup Cirrato MMC to run from another computer, outside the server:

  1. In the Cirrato Server: 
    Copy CirratoAdmin.dll file from C:\Program Files (x86)\Cirrato Technologies\Server to a folder on the computer where you want to install the MMC
  2. In the computer from where you want to run the Cirrato MMC: 
    Open a "Run as admin" command prompt (start button, type cmd, right click on it to select Run as admin) and go to the folder where the file CirratoAdmin.dll is located.
  3. Run the command: 
        REGSVR32 cirratoadmin.dll
  4. In the Windows Search bar run the command: 
         MMC -32  
  5. Open Add/Remove Snap-in:
  6. Add Cirrato Manager to the selected snap-ins:
  7. You should now be able to run Cirrato MMC and point it at the Cirrato Server.
  8. Now you need to save the settings by going to "Save as" and name it something like "CirratoMMC.msc". Use this to open next time.


For information about Cirrato product versions and how to obtain the latest releases please visit:

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