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Output Manager - Upgrade Database failed

When running an upgrade on OM database via Configuration Assistant you several error.

This KB will cover 2 of them.

Check i the C.A. log file for more information.

1. It could be that the account running the configuration assistant doesn't have correct access rights. eg. somebody else did the first installation.

2. It could be that there aren't a corresponding sql database update script. Then do the following steps:

The C:\Program Files\Nuance\Output Manager\Database\Upgrade Scripts\upgrade\folder does not have files named correctly to complete an OM upgrade from version to version<o:p>

Find the SQL script file ‘sqlcompare_5.0.0.730_5.1.0.3.sql’<o:p>

Change its file name to ‘sqlcompare_5.0.0.730_5.1.0.74.sql’, change the .3 to a .74. ( or that version you are installing)<o:p>

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